Spatial AI in Half the Size of an Altoids Tin

In 2019, OpenCV and Luxonis launched one of the most successful Kickstarter campaigns for any camera, raising $1.35M with the help of 6500+ backers for OpenCV AI Kit with Depth (OAK-D).

OAK-D is the world’s first Spatial AI camera. It can run multiple neural networks simultaneously for visual perception tasks like object detection, image classification, segmentation, pose estimation, text recognition, and more while performing depth estimation in real-time.

OAK-D won the Best Camera or Sensor of the Year award at this year’s Embedded Vision Summit conference. The biggest spatial AI competition in the world, the OpenCV AI Competition 2021 with $400k in prizes sponsored by Microsoft Azure and Intel, was also centered around OAK-D.

OAK-D was ambitious. What’s coming next is insane!

September 15th, 2021, will start a new era in spatial AI with the launch of OAK-D-LITE. It is OAK-D’s little sister. Powerful, compact, delightfully lightweight, and yet ridiculously inexpensive.

Its easy-to-use Python API, comprehensive documentation, free tutorials and courses, and numerous free models available through Modelplace.AI make it accessible to anyone with only a working knowledge of the Python programming language.

OAK-D-LITE can fuel a spatial AI revolution, but where is the spark?

Its insanely low price of $74 is a bolt of lightning that will shake up the industry.

Let the revolution begin!

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