Dear Colleague,2022 Vision Tank Start-Up Competition

Do you work at an early-stage start-up company developing a new product or service incorporating or enabling computer vision or visual AI? Do you want to raise awareness of your company and products with potential customers, investors and partners? Enter the seventh annual Vision Tank Start-Up Competition, offering start-up companies recognition and rewards, including the opportunity to present their new products or product ideas to more than 1,400 influencers and product creators at the upcoming Embedded Vision Summit. Best of all, entry is free! See here for more information and to apply.

The next Embedded Vision Summit will take place as a live event May 17-19 in Santa Clara, California. The Embedded Vision Summit is the key event for system and application developers who are incorporating computer vision and visual AI into products. It attracts a unique audience of over 1,400 product creators, entrepreneurs and business decision-makers who are creating and using computer vision and visual AI technologies. It’s a unique venue for learning, sharing insights and getting the word out about interesting new technologies, techniques, applications, products and practical breakthroughs in computer vision and visual AI.

We’re delighted to return to being in-person and hope you’ll join us. Once again we’ll be offering a packed program with 100+ sessions, 50+ technology exhibits, 100+ demos and a new Edge AI Deep Dive Day, all covering the technical and business aspects of practical computer vision, deep learning, visual AI and related technologies. Registration is now open, and if you register by February 18, you can save 25% by using the code SUMMIT22-NL. Register now, save the date, and tell a friend! You won’t want to miss what is shaping up to be our best Summit yet!

Brian Dipert
Editor-In-Chief, Edge AI and Vision Alliance


Uncode AI: Code-free Development, Delivery and Maintenance of Edge AI ApplicationsBlaize
Software is becoming the critical differentiator in AI edge app development and adoption. This presentation examines a new approach for enterprises challenged to take AI edge products from idea to production fast, but lacking the right talent, tools and capacity to deliver. Dmitry Zakharchenko, Vice President of Research and Product Development at Blaize, provides a detailed look at his company’s new AI Studio Platform, the industry’s first end-to-end open software platform for the complete AI edge application lifecycle. Zakharchenko examines how a code-free visual interface, contextually intelligent assistive agent, and knowledge-driven recommendation systems open doors for AI developers, systems builders and subject matter experts to easily develop, deploy and manage AI edge applications. He also touches on the implications of the emergence of easy-to-use AI systems, and a vision for the potential of these systems to be deployment vehicles for widespread AI use case innovation and affordable AI applications.

Using hxGraph and OpenCV to Implement Industrial Inspection Applications on the HyperX ProcessorCoherent Logix
hxGraph is a high-level tool that enables users to develop computer vision applications using the OpenCV APIs and then target the application to run on the high-performance HyperX embedded processor. hxGraph accepts a Python program written using the OpenCV API syntax and generates code to implement the graph (pipeline) on the HyperX processor using a library of OpenCV functions. In this tutorial, Eugene Mezhibovsky, Senior Systems Architect at Coherent Logix, demonstrates the software framework using an industrial inspection application. He shows the construction of the processing pipeline in OpenCV using Python, initially running the application on the host computer. He then targets the HyperX processor and executes the same processing without having to write any new code. Mezhibovsky then demonstrates both processing computer-hosted images and streaming GigE Vision camera images directly to HyperX. He also shows performance benchmarks such as latency and throughput for the application.


Shrinking Time to Market and Reducing Costs for Retail Using Intel DevCloud for the EdgeIntel
As AI applications continue to proliferate and compute moves to the edge, companies are pressured to move quickly through the development and optimization process and deploy at lower and lower costs. This presentation explores, using real-world retail and healthcare examples, how companies are decreasing time to market and finding optimal hardware solutions for edge applications using Intel DevCloud for the Edge and OpenVINO. Intel’s Joe Mayberry, Platform Manager for DevCloud for the Edge, is joined by Dr. Erdem Yörük, CTO at Vispera, who explains some of the key techniques underlying his company’s automated shelf inspection solution.

Computer Vision in RetailWoodside Capital Partners
Computer vision (CV) technology has a multitude of vital applications, from self-driving cars to factory automation. In this report, Woodside Capital Partners focuses on the subset of CV applications focused specifically on the retail value chain. A common underlying technology foundation to these applications, as well as products targeting them, is their leverage of artificial intelligence (AI) to bring new levels of scalability, accuracy, and speed. This overall submarket has a combined estimated market value of $8.4B with a total of 173 companies in this space worldwide covered in the report. The tumultuous impact that Covid-19 has had on the retail industry has led both physical and online retailers to accelerate their adoption of CV, AI and related automation technologies. Retailers who are embracing these new technologies are weathering the pandemic with greater operational efficiency and levels of customer service, while those who are not are facing an increasingly steep uphill battle to remain competitive.


Embedded Vision Summit: May 17-19, 2022, Santa Clara, California

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CEVA’s NeuPro-M Heterogeneous and Secure Processor Architecture Redefines High Performance AI/ML Processing for Edge AI and Edge Compute Devices

Visionary.ai, One of the Alliance’s Newest Member Companies, Unveiled its AI-based ISP at Last Week’s CES

Also at CES, Ambarella Demonstrated a New Artificial Intelligence Image Signal Processor Running on Its Current CV2 Edge AI Perception SoCs, along with Introducing Its Latest CV3 AI Domain Controller SoC Family for Single-chip Multi-sensor Perception, Fusion and Path Planning in ADAS to L4 Autonomous Vehicles

Mindtech Global has Released a New Application Pack for Training Smart Home AI

Deeplite’s Latest Platform Enhancement, DeepliteRT, Leverages Ultra-compact Quantization to Make AI Models Even Smaller and Faster Without Compromising Accuracy

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