Real-time Video Enhancement Reaches New Standard with Visionary.ai and Inuitive Partnership

25 January 2022 – Jerusalem – Two Israeli AI startups, Visionary.ai and Inuitive, today announced a new partnership. The companies have been collaborating in recent months to run Visionary.ai’s AI-based imaging technology on Inuitive’s AI processor, making cutting-edge computer vision available to edge devices, affordably and with minimal power consumption.

Visionary.ai has developed a software-based image signal processor (ISP) which leverages AI to help cameras achieve market-leading image quality and detection accuracy. Inuitive, a semiconductor company, develops and produces computer vision processors with AI accelerators.

The two companies will start showcasing their joint demo to prospective customers later this month. They plan to demonstrate Inuitive’s market-leading AI processor with Visionary.ai’s software-based ISP inside.

Today, standard ISPs discard a critical portion of sensor data. Visionary.ai’s ISP leverages all the raw sensor data and cutting-edge AI, presenting a challenge of high compute power.

Commenting on the partnership, Visionary.ai co-founder and CEO Oren Debbi said, “Running on the Inuitive processor means we can offer stellar image quality to so many more camera and electronics manufacturers without them paying the price of high compute power.

“With this new advantage, and having a partner like Inuitive on board, will help us unlock a huge market opportunity. In the coming years, we expect to see the package of our two game-changing technologies being adopted globally”.

Shlomo Gadot, founder and CEO at Inuitive commented: “Partnering with Visionary.ai offers our customers the most advanced vision and AI solutions.

“Leveraging the industry leading Edge AI processor series from Inuitive and Visionary.ai’s sophisticated AI-based ISP will enable vision systems to operate at a very wide dynamic range of use cases, with the highest levels of performance while keeping system’s simplicity.”

Reflecting on their first year of R&D, Visionary.ai co-founder and CTO Yoav Taieb added, “This milestone is a meaningful development to reach at the end of our first 12 months in business.

“During our inception phase, we were running on a server, and then as we reduced our compute power, moved to the Nvidia AGX. With Inuitive, we’re now able to run in real-time with a high frame rate on a low-cost edge processor.”

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