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  • The partnership advances AI technology with a focus on intelligent video management and a shared commitment to help speed deployment of edge AI vision solutions.

  • With ANSCENTER and ADLINK’s solution, users can utilize computer vision technology to set up a self-regulation environment.

  • The solution enables intelligent analytic and control features in existing manufacturing systems.

2022/03/16 – Taipei, Taiwan – Following the announcement of their strategic partnership, ADLINK Technology Inc., a global leader in edge computing, has entered into a partnership with ANSCENTER, a team of leading software experts in artificial intelligence (AI) including intelligent video management. ANSCENTER’s software development expertise builds on ADLINK’s AI solutions portfolio and strong hardware focus. The two companies share a vision of advancing AI technology and providing end-to-end solutions for accelerating deployment.

ANSCENTER provides a one-stop-shopping solution in AI design and integration in APAC. In collaboration with ANSCENTER, ADLINK is focusing on helping customers in those markets quickly apply edge AI vision solutions.

“The unique combination of ADLINK’s full-range edge AI platforms and ANSCENTER’s expertise in intelligent video management can simplify and accelerate edge AI vision development—and drive cutting-edge innovations in AI applications,” said Vincent Tseng, General Manger, ADLINK Asia Pacific Regional Business Unit.

The partnership’s end-to-end computer vision solution integrates ADLINK NEON smart cameras with ANSCENTER ANS Video Intelligence System (ANSVIS) software. ANSVIS manages, deploys, updates, and switches AI models in multiple industrial-grade NEON smart cameras, enabling intelligent analytic and control features in existing manufacturing systems. Mature AI algorithms allow for implementation and continual updates with no downtime.

In one use case, the AI-based vision system helps a beverage manufacturer detect faulty cans, boxes, and many other material handling and quality issues on their fast-moving production line. Fallen raw materials may jam an entire line; issues in unfinished products cause failure or safety incidents in downstream processes. Without AI, human operators need to actively monitor and stop the lines so that issues can be contained and addressed.

For the beverage manufacturer, the compact, all-in-one, standalone AI solution can meet or surpass human capabilities for:

  • fault detection
  • visual quality inspection including counting and tracking
  • recognition of workplace safety concerns

Automation of inspection processes can reduce downtime, labor costs, and human error, while delivering faster, more accurate decisions. The ADLINK/ANSCENTER AI vision solution brings similar benefits to mining, smart manufacturing, transportation, agriculture, and smart city applications.

For more information visit the NEON AI Smart Camera page.

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