A Tutorial on Implementing Visual Intelligence with a Low Cost MCU

In the fall of 2021, Alliance Member companies Au-Zone Technologies and NXP Semiconductors co-presented the webinar “ML at the Edge: Visual Intelligence with a Low Cost MCU” as an accompaniment to their technical blog post on the topic. If you missed the webinar, you can view the archive recording here. From the event page:

Are you an embedded developer contemplating how to add visual intelligence to your next IoT platform, or a data scientist looking for a practical edge platform to test your custom models in the wild? Developing models for custom applications on constrained compute platforms isn’t inherently easy, and with a little extra assistance and guidance, your next commercial solution can be on the market quickly. Join us as we demonstrate the practical steps to go from concept to deployment of MCU-based intelligent vision sensors for your ML application. With a combination of NXP’s i.MX RT crossover MCUs, eIQ Toolkit and Au-Zone’s DeepView vision middleware, you can be on the development path in no time.

What You Will Learn

  • Practical steps deploying visual intelligence with sub $5 Crossover MCUs
  • Demonstration of how to train an Object Detection model with a custom dataset and then deploy to an MCU
  • Using DeepView Vision Middleware and Vision Starter Kit Micro to accelerate development
  • Real-world applications and limitations of MCU-based vision platforms

Presented by

  • Anthony Huereca
    Senior Systems Engineer, NXP Semiconductors
  • Sébastien Taylor
    VP of Research & Development, Au-Zone

Here you’ll find a wealth of practical technical insights and expert advice to help you bring AI and visual intelligence into your products without flying blind.



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