Customers benefit from high-resolution boost cameras with sensors from onsemi’s XGS series and specially developed and matched Basler F-mount Lenses from the Basler Standard Lenses product line for their CoaXPress (CXP) applications.

Ahrensburg, April 26, 2022 – Basler is expanding its CXP portfolio to include Basler F-mount Lenses, offering customers an all-in-one hardware solution for applications requiring high resolutions. It consists of Basler’s proprietary F-mount Lenses, which are perfectly matched to the boost cameras with large-format sensors from onsemi’s XGS series, as well as interface card and software. The design of the new Basler F-mount Lenses has also been optimized to achieve an exceptional price/performance ratio. This solution from one source is available immediately.

boost camera with Basler F-mount Lens combination: The customer benefits

boost cameras with sensors from onsemi’s XGS series plus Basler F-mount Lenses form a perfect synergy for applications requiring high resolution and larger field of view. Developing the lenses specifically for these Basler boost cameras ensures high reliability and smooth system operation. The Basler F-mount Lens features a blue dot for aperture adjustment so that customers can enjoy quick and easy setups and immediate operation. Customers save time and money on complex evaluation and selection processes and benefit from the hassle-free system setup and easy integration that enables a short time-to-market. The carefully tested and matched components (camera, lens, interface card and software) make it possible for customers to build a future-oriented and efficient computer vision system from a single source.

This perfect synergy of Basler camera and Basler Lens offers the customer an optimal basis for applications in factory automation and electronics. They achieve outstanding overall optical performance, characterized by sharp images and excellent and reliably reproducible image quality, because matching components from a single source bring out the optimal performance in every sensor.

Another advantage is that with high resolution, fewer cameras are needed to cover a large object area. As a result, fewer images need to be stitched and the processing power is available for other tasks, or can be saved.

Of course, Basler F-mount Lenses can also be combined with cameras that are not equipped with sensors from onsemi’s XGS series. Short delivery times and long availability for industrial use are ensured for both boost cameras and Basler F-mount Lenses.

For more information, visit baslerweb.com/CXP.

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