Edge Impulse’s EON Tuner is the 2022 Edge AI and Vision Product of the Year Award Winner in the Edge AI Developer Tools category. The EON Tuner helps you find and select the best edge machine learning model for your application within the constraints of your target device.

While existing “AutoML” tools focus only on machine learning, the EON Tuner performs end-to-end optimizations, from the digital signal processing (DSP) algorithm to the machine learning model, helping developers find and select the ideal tradeoff between these two types of processing blocks to achieve optimal performance for their computer vision application within the latency and memory constraints of their target edge device. The EON Tuner is designed to quickly assist developers in discovering preprocessing algorithms and NN model architectures specifically tailored for their use case and dataset. The EON Tuner eliminates the need for processing block and manual parameter selection to obtain the best model accuracy, reducing user’s technical knowledge requirements and decreasing the total time to get from data collection to a model that runs optimally on an edge device in the field.

“On behalf of the Edge Impulse team, we’re honored to receive this year’s Edge AI and Vision Product Award in the Edge AI Developer Tools category. We believe the EON Tuner represents a major breakthrough in the world of edge machine learning, by enabling you to find and select the best model for your application within the constraints of your target device in just a few clicks. This provides developers and enterprises the confidence they need to build the optimal ML pipeline for their real-world vision solution.”
Jan Jongboom, Co-Founder and CTO, Edge Impulse

Edge Impulse is ushering in the future of embedded machine learning by empowering developers to create and optimize solutions with real-world data. We are making the process of building, deploying, and scaling embedded ML applications easier and faster than ever, unlocking massive value across every industry, with millions of developers making billions of devices smarter. Founded in 2019 by Zach Shelby and Jan Jongboom, Edge Impulse is on a mission to enable developers to create the next generation of intelligent devices. We believe that machine learning can have a positive impact on society, and we are dedicated to supporting applications for good.

This award was presented at the 2022 Edge AI and Vision Product of the Year Awards Ceremony; the program is organized by the Edge AI and Vision Alliance. The Edge AI and Vision Product of the Year Awards celebrate the innovation and achievement of the industry’s leading companies that are enabling and developing products incorporating edge AI and computer vision technologies.

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