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Report for Qinetiq singles out Opteran Natural Intelligence as biomimicry identified as a major disruptor.

In a report written by Wired Magazine and commissioned by Qinetiq, a global integrated defense and security company, Opteran has been called out as a pioneer of biomimicry, one of six technology and science trends that are set to change the world. The report talks about the potential of brain-computer interfaces, quantum technology, programmable materials, edge computing and electromagnetic interference, alongside biomimicry.

In his interview David Rajan, CEO, talks about why insect brains offer a more efficient approach to imbuing machines with intelligence. Although honeybees have much smaller brains than humans they are still capable of sophisticated tasks such as navigation and collision avoidance, but in a highly energy efficient way.

Since co-founders James Marshall, CSO and Alex Cope, CTO first began to research insect intelligence over a decade ago it became clear that it makes much more sense to develop autonomous solutions for robots and drones based on insect brains. Given the complexity of human brains and the failure of existing deep learning technologies to mimic such sophisticated structures, focusing on insects can deliver elegant solutions.

Having already demonstrated our 360-degree stabilized vision and collision avoidance on Hopper the robot dog and navigation on Green Hornet, our aerial solution, we are now focused on integrating decision making into the Opteran Natural Intelligence platform. And while we’d agree with the UK Biomimicry Innovation Lab that we’re seeing an explosion in technology developments around biomimicry, the work we are already doing with customers demonstrates that commercialisation is already happening today – not at some point in the future. We’re already working on a number of pilots alongside building out the product roadmap, and are rapidly building relationships with key technology providers to integrate our platform into use cases ranging from mining to logistics and consumer robotics.

We’re convinced biomimicry offers the inspiration for the third wave of autonomous systems, which will resolve many of the outstanding issues with current models. It is not a matter of ‘if’ but ‘when’ we see such technology more widely adopted, and in Opteran Natural Intelligence there are whole new categories of autonomous systems being opened up. For example, it means we are already embedding autonomy in sub-250g drones to create new possibilities for autonomy in fields such as oil and gas and logistics.

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