“Programming Vision Pipelines on AMD’s AI Engines,” a Presentation from AMD

Kristof Denolf, Principal Engineer, and Bader Alam, Director of Software Engineering, both of AMD, present the “Programming Vision Pipelines on AMD’s AI Engines” tutorial at the May 2022 Embedded Vision Summit.

AMD’s latest generation of Adaptive Compute Acceleration Platforms (ACAP), Versal AI Core and Versal AI Edge, include an array of powerful AI Engines alongside other computation components, such as programmable logic and ARM cores. This array of AI Engines has high computational capability to address the workloads of diverse applications, including automotive solutions.

This presentation introduces the properties and capabilities of these AI Engines for image, video and vision processing. Denolf and Alam begin with a top-down look at how video data makes its way to the AI Engines. Then they delve into a detailed discussion of the compute properties of the VLIW vector architecture of the AI Engines and illustrate how it efficiently executes vision processing kernels. Next, they introduce the Vitis Vision Library and give an overview of its data movement and kernel processing capabilities. They conclude by showing how AMD’s Vitis tools support building a vision pipeline and analyzing its performance.

See here for a PDF of the slides.

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