“Deploying Visual AI on Edge Devices: Lessons From the Real World,” a Presentation from Teledyne Imaging

Luc Chouinard, AI Specialist and Design Architect at Teledyne Imaging, presents the “Deploying Visual AI on Edge Devices: Lessons From the Real World” tutorial at the May 2022 Embedded Vision Summit.

Developing an AI-based edge device is complex, involving hardware, algorithms and software. It requires making many technology-selection decisions and balancing numerous trade-offs. In this talk, Chouinard explores several of the most important decisions and challenges typically encountered in creating an edge visual AI solution.

On the hardware side, he explores choosing a processor, including evaluating performance, cost and power, and understanding the capabilities of on-chip processing engines such as CPUs, AI accelerators and ISPs. He also examines the process of selecting, training and evaluating deep neural network topologies, and he illustrates how Astrocyte, Teledyne’s deep learning tool, helps simplify this process. Next, he discusses key considerations for creating an optimized, efficient hardware/software pipeline implementing the trained DNNs on the edge device. He uses an AI camera solution developed for traffic tolling to show how these concepts play out in real applications.

See here for a PDF of the slides.

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