Konstantinos Balafas, Head of AI Data, and Carlo Dal Mutto, Director of Engineering, both of Airbus, present the “MLOps: Managing Data and Workflows for Efficient Model Development and Deployment” tutorial at the May 2022 Embedded Vision Summit.

Machine learning operations (MLOps) is the engineering field focused on techniques for developing and deploying machine learning solutions at scale. As the name suggests, MLOps is a combination of machine learning development (“ML”) and software/IT operations (“Ops”). Blending these two words is particularly complex, given their diverse nature. ML development is characterized by research and experimental components, dealing with large amounts of data and complex operations, while software and IT operations aim at streamlining software deployment in products.

Typical problems addressed by MLOps include data management (labeling, organization, storage), ML model and pipeline training repeatability, error analysis, model integration and deployment and model monitoring. In this talk, Dal Mutto and Balafas present practical MLOps techniques useful for tackling a variety of MLOps needs. They illustrate these techniques with real-world examples from their work developing autonomous flying capabilities as part of the Wayfinder team at Acubed, the Silicon Valley innovation center of Airbus.

See here for a PDF of the slides.

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