NVIDIA Jetson Orin Nano Sets New Standard for Entry-Level Edge AI and Robotics With 80x Performance Leap

Canon, John Deere, Microsoft Azure, Teradyne, TK Elevator Join Over 1,000 Customers Adopting Jetson Orin Family Within Six Months of Launch

Tuesday, September 20, 2022 — GTC — NVIDIA today expanded the NVIDIA® Jetson™ lineup with the launch of new Jetson Orin Nano™ system-on-modules that deliver up to 80x the performance over the prior generation, setting a new standard for entry-level edge AI and robotics.

For the first time, the NVIDIA Jetson family spans six Orin-based production modules to support a full range of edge AI and robotics applications. This includes the Orin Nano — which delivers up to 40 trillion operations per second (TOPS) of AI performance in the smallest Jetson form factor — up to the AGX Orin™, delivering 275 TOPS for advanced autonomous machines.

Jetson Orin features an NVIDIA Ampere architecture GPU, Arm-based CPUs, next-generation deep learning and vision accelerators, high-speed interfaces, fast memory bandwidth and multimodal sensor support. This performance and versatility empower more customers to commercialize products that once seemed impossible, from engineers deploying edge AI applications to Robotics Operating System (ROS) developers building next-generation intelligent machines.

“Over 1,000 customers and 150 partners have embraced Jetson AGX Orin since NVIDIA announced its availability just six months ago, and Orin Nano will significantly expand this adoption,” said Deepu Talla, vice president of embedded and edge computing at NVIDIA. “With an orders-of-magnitude increase in performance for millions of edge AI and ROS developers today, Jetson Orin is the ideal platform for virtually every kind of robotics deployment imaginable.”

Making Edge AI and Robotics More Accessible

The Orin Nano modules are form-factor- and pin-compatible with the previously announced Orin NX modules. Full emulation support allows customers to get started developing for the Orin Nano series today using the AGX Orin developer kit. This gives customers the flexibility to design one system to support multiple Jetson modules and easily scale their applications.

Orin Nano supports multiple concurrent AI application pipelines with high-speed I/O and an NVIDIA Ampere architecture GPU. Developers of entry-level devices and applications such as retail analytics and industrial quality control benefit from easier access to more complex AI models at lower cost.

The Orin Nano modules will be available in two versions. The Orin Nano 8GB delivers up to 40 TOPS with power configurable from 7W to 15W, while the 4GB version delivers up to 20 TOPS with power options as low as 5W to 10W.

The Jetson Orin platform is designed to solve the toughest robotics challenges and brings accelerated computing to over 700,000 ROS developers. Combined with the powerful hardware capabilities of Orin Nano, enhancements in the latest NVIDIA Isaac software for ROS put increased performance and productivity in the hands of roboticists.

Strong Ecosystem and Software Support

Jetson Orin has seen broad support across the robotics and embedded computing ecosystem, including from Canon, John Deere, Microsoft Azure, Teradyne, TK Elevator and many more.

The NVIDIA Jetson ecosystem is growing rapidly, with over 1 million developers, 6,000 customers — including 2,000 startups — and 150 partners. Jetson partners offer a wide range of support from AI software, hardware and application design services to cameras, sensors and peripherals, developer tools and development systems.

Orin Nano is supported by the NVIDIA JetPack™ software development kit and is powered by the same NVIDIA CUDA-X™ accelerated computing stack used to create breakthrough AI products in such fields as industrial IoT, manufacturing, smart cities and more.


The Jetson Orin Nano modules will be available in January, starting at $199.


Since its founding in 1993, NVIDIA (NASDAQ: NVDA) has been a pioneer in accelerated computing. The company’s invention of the GPU in 1999 sparked the growth of the PC gaming market, redefined computer graphics and ignited the era of modern AI. NVIDIA is now a full-stack computing company with data-center-scale offerings that are reshaping industry. More information at https://nvidianews.nvidia.com/.


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