Nota AI Demonstration of How to Optimize an AI Model

Woneui Hong, Research Engineer at Nota AI, demonstrates the company’s latest edge AI and vision technologies and products at the 2022 Embedded Vision Summit. Specifically, Hong demonstrates NetsPresso, a hardware-aware AI optimization platform.

Hong demonstrates how NetsPresso helps you build, optimize and deploy your AI models. NetsPresso accelerates the AI model development process by automating the repetitive steps. NetsPresso is modularized into three submodules: Model Searcher, Model Compressor, and Model Launcher. The first submodule, Model Searcher, is a hardware-aware autoML tool which automatically searches optimal models for a target device based on a given dataset. The second submodule, Model Compressor, is a ready-to-use toolkit for automating AI model compression. The third submodule, Model Launcher, accelerates and deploys the model.

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