e-con Systems Announces Advanced Multi-camera Solutions for the Qualcomm Robotics RB5 Kit

  • QRB5 kit

  • Multi-camera support up to 6 cameras

  • MIPI & GMSL Interfaces

  • Qualcomm ISP

  • Full HD

  • 20 MP camera

  • Monochrome

  • HDR

  • LFM

  • Low light

  • NIR

CALIFORNIA & CHENNAI (June 01st, 2023) – e-con Systems™, with over two decades of experience in designing, developing, and manufacturing OEM cameras, recently launched an extensive multi-camera solution to fully unlock the RB5 Kit’s potential. This solution allows connecting up to 6 cameras (MIPI or GMSL2 or a combination of both) simultaneously. e-con Systems’ cutting-edge camera solution, along with Qualcomm’s high compute power of 15 TOPS, low power consumption, and thermal dissipation, is the perfect choice for applications such as drones, delivery robots, and autonomous shopping systems.

“Qualcomm® QRB5165 processor with impressive 15 TOPS of compute power and low power consumption has opened new horizons for robotics applications. These applications demand advanced camera solutions to leverage the full potential of this RB5 Robotics kit. Recognizing this need, e-con Systems has taken the initiative to develop an innovative solution that bridges the gap and empowers the RB5 kit with robust multi-camera capabilities. Leveraging the partnership with Qualcomm, we’re confident in providing camera solutions with wide compatibility and flexibility to match our customers’ diverse needs.”, said Gomathi Sankar, Business Unit Head- Industrial at e-con Systems™.


  • Multi-camera Support – Connect up to 6 cameras, either MIPI or GMSL2 or a combination of both, to enable imaging from multiple angles/perspectives.
  • Camera Portfolio Compatibility – Ensure compatibility with different resolutions, shutter types, chroma, HDR and NIR.
  • Full Product Development – Get a complete solution in the form of full product development, thereby simplifying the lifecycle.
  • Qualcomm ISP Tuning – Use e-con Systems’ solid ISP expertise for fine-tuning the Qualcomm ISP for AE, AWB, HDR, color reproduction, etc.

If you are interested in evaluating this multi-camera solution, please visit the online web store and purchase the product.

Customization and integration support

e-con Systems, with deep expertise in and knowledge of various camera interfaces, provides the necessary customization services and end-to-end integration support for this solution. Unique application requirements can easily be met. So, if you are looking for any customization or integration support, please write to [email protected].

About e-con Systems

e-con Systems™ designs, develops and manufactures OEM cameras. With over two decades of experience and expertise in embedded vision, the company focuses on delivering embedded vision and camera solutions to industries such as retail, medical, industrial, agriculture, smart city, etc. e-con Systems’ wide portfolio of products includes Time-of-Flight cameras, MIPI camera modules, GMSL cameras, USB 3.1 Gen 1 cameras, stereo cameras, low-light cameras, etc. e-con cameras are integrated into 350+ customer products. e-con has shipped over 2 million cameras across the USA, Europe, Japan, and other global regions.

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