FRAMOS Celebrates a Decade of Success in Ottawa

Ottawa (Canada), July 13, 2023 – FRAMOS, one of the most respected leaders in Embedded Vision, proudly marks its 10-year anniversary since expanding operations to North America and establishing FRAMOS Technologies Inc. in Ottawa, Canada.

Back in 2013, when this Munich-based imaging company sought its inaugural base for North American operations, it chose to grow its team in the heart of Canada’s capital, resulting in the founding of the new FRAMOS office on July 12th, 2013

Initially comprised of 12 talented individuals, the team has since grown to over 25 dedicated employees. Year after year, as new members join the FRAMOS group, the office expanded in 2022 to provide a nurturing environment that fosters personal and professional growth.

Over the past decade, the Ottawa FRAMOS office has achieved numerous significant milestones, including:

  • 2014. Setup first office on Auriga Drive
  • 2015. Secured Sony Americas franchise; First Automate show in 2015 ; First Canadian MV show, hosted in Ottawa; Sony CCD EOL start; First cleanroom installation
  • 2016. First Photonics West Show; office is moved to current location on Lancaster Road
  • 2017. Award Ottawa’s Fastest Growing Company 2017
  • 2018. Passed first of the yearly Sony Audit
  • 2021. First summer party after Covid at indoor go cart track
  • 2022. Expanded Lancaster office with a very large climate-controlled cleanroom, dedicated shipping/receiving area, new engineering support lab and more offices and workspaces

To truly capture the essence of working at the FRAMOS office in Ottawa, we turn to the individuals who have stood by FRAMOS through the years, witnessing its growth and success firsthand:

“We’ve been growing and expanding so rapidly over the past 10 years that many records have been made and broken every single year. There has never been a dull moment! I’m so proud of the team we’ve built here who are vision experts, go-getters and miracle makers. Happy 10th Anniversary to all the FRAMOSians in this part of the world! “ – Sarah Wu, Sales Director, Americas

“When I first joined, I was curious about why FRAMOS chose Ottawa/Canada, and the answer lies in the abundance of imaging expertise in the region and Ottawa’s strong reputation in the High-Tech industry. Being part of a growing business and team, in collaboration with our European counterparts, has positioned us as a significant player in the Imaging field that has presented numerous challenges and valuable lessons.” – Steve Sweeney, Inside Sales Manager, Americas

“Wow, looking back at the 9 years I have been at FRAMOS it is amazing to see all the changes. We all came into FRAMOS with the entrepreneurial spirit. We had to build up everything from scratch: processes, cleanrooms, infrastructures, client bases, and sales funnels. In the beginning, we were even building our own desks!  We were able to leverage on the experience of our European colleagues for some time, but much was done on our own, with our own blood, sweat and tears. We had a lot of challenges early on but have since overcome them and have become very successful and well known in our territory as Vision Experts and the go-to provider for Imaging products and advice. It has been great working here with all my other FRAMOSians! Happy 10th anniversary to FRAMOS Americas! What a great ride! Wish you continued success in the next decades!” – Darren Bessette, Senior Partner Manager

“I joined FRAMOS NA in 2016. Looking back, it has been an incredible journey filled with learning, excitement, and remarkable achievements. Witnessing the tremendous growth of FRAMOS over this time has been truly inspiring. The unique blend of family spirit, unwavering passion, and relentless drive within our global team of FRAMOSIANS empowers us to continuously push boundaries. Collaborating with multinational companies, we have played a pivotal role in bringing their vision projects to life. As we celebrate the 10th anniversary of FRAMOS NA, I raise a toast to another decade of remarkable expansion and continued success. Here’s to an extraordinary future ahead.” – Mohamed Haidara, Key Account Manager

“I joined Framos in February 2017 to help in the warehouse. In 2018, Framos Tech passed its first yearly Sony Audit and in 2019, even got our first outdoor sign. Have you ever seen a wall of sensors that started in Japan, assembled in Thailand and reconstructed in Canada? Framos Tech acquired a new space and expanded the warehouse back in 2022… We even had to get a cart to get around it was so large!”– Yoann Matte, Specialist Logistics, Americas


FRAMOS® is an imaging expert, trusted advisor, and vision solutions provider. Since 1981, FRAMOS has implemented the best current and emerging imaging technologies to address specific customer requirements and applications. FRAMOS meets these requirements with advanced and proven imaging components from a global network of renowned partners and with FRAMOS IP.

With a team of over 180 dedicated professionals spread across the globe, FRAMOS is fueled by an unwavering passion for the endless possibilities of imaging. FRAMOS drives the entire product development journey from Proof-of-Concept, to prototyping, and finally mass production. FRAMOS carefully selects imaging components, like image sensors, lenses, or various 3D technologies, and offers custom developments tailored to individual needs and time frames. With innovative solutions, FRAMOS ensures successful project outcomes and develops long-term customer relations.

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