“Tracking and Fusing Diverse Risk Factors to Drive a SAFER Future,” a Presentation from Nauto

Yoav Banin, Chief Product and Business Development Officer, and Tahmida Mahmud, Engineering Manager for Perception, both of Nauto, presents the “Tracking and Fusing Diverse Risk Factors to Drive a SAFER Future” tutorial at the May 2023 Embedded Vision Summit.

Unless you’re a gang member or drug addict, driving is your top risk. But which risks can you handle and which can kill you? Since 96% of collisions are caused by human error and 75% are unconscious (the driver is not aware of the risk), Nauto used one billion miles of real-life driving data to find out, feeding it into a model fusing 26 road context, driver action/attention and vehicle dynamics factors to predict collisions, near misses and safe driving.

Nauto, as described by Banin and Mahmud in this presentation, found that drivers can handle most single risks, but multiple simultaneous risks can be deadly. Some combinations are 1,000 times more dangerous than regular driving. Nauto’s “SAFER” model can be fitted to any late-model vehicle. It can be trained with labeled data from historical trips or through reinforcement learning from observations of excellent and poor drivers. A time series matrix can help you see a few seconds into the future.

See here for a PDF of the slides.

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