IR pass filter improves camera performance and depth sensing capabilities

[Munich, Germany / Ottawa, Canada, 7 November] – FRAMOS, a global imaging expert, announced they added two new cameras, enhanced by IR pass filters, to their D400e industrial cameras series.

D400e cameras are used worldwide with great success in many industrial, logistics, agricultural, and other applications, empowering machines to see and make good decisions based on reliable transmission and high-quality images.

Sam Leboe, FRAMOS’s product manager, explained the D435e-f and D455e-f camera’s benefits: “These new cameras are designed to improve stereo depth sensing performance often encountered in warehouse environments such as the repetitive vertical patterns in pillars or warehouse racks. As 3D imaging is integrated into more automation systems, our products continue to evolve and ensure we have solutions that cover the dynamic environments our customers operate in.”

Improved depth quality and performance allow the vision system to acquire a more detailed, accurate, and precise understanding of the environment and overcome challenges such as light reflections or surfaces lacking natural textures by increasing the relative strength of the integrated IR projector’s pattern, which is crucial for precise movement and task fulfillment in industrial automation, autonomous guidance, agriculture, and logistics.

Combining all the benefits of the sophisticated imaging capabilities of D400e with an IR pass filter, D400e-f cameras bring additional functionalities to vision systems performing in challenging lighting conditions, such as factories, warehouses, farms, or greenhouses.

For more details about D435e-f and D455e-f cameras, visit this link.


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