ProHawk Gains NVIDIA Preferred Partner Status for its AI-enabled Computer Vision Solutions

ProHawk solutions validated in NVIDIA’s labs over the past 18 months, and now embedded with NVIDIA Metropolis, Holoscan, and Jetson platforms, with more integrations coming.

LAKE MARY, FLORIDA, February 27, 2024 — ProHawk Technology Group (ProHawk AI), a leading AI-enabled computer vision company, today announced that it has been selected as a Preferred partner within the NVIDIA Partner Network (NPN). NPN brings together a community of technology leaders that collaborate with NVIDIA to develop and deliver state-of-the-art solutions in various industries, including artificial intelligence (AI), deep learning, and high-performance computing. Achieving Preferred partner status underscores ProHawk AI’s expertise and dedication in harnessing NVIDIA accelerated computing to enhance video analytics and computer vision applications. The company was previously a member of NVIDIA Inception.

ProHawk AI’s patented technology transforms video in real time, on a pixel-by-pixel basis, overcoming all environmental obstacles, including rain, snow, sand, pollution, or other – converting nighttime and other risks to unobstructed daytime safety levels with unmatched visual clarity.  The technology is embedded across NVIDIA’s platforms, including NVIDIA Metropolis (vision AI), NVIDIA Jetson (edge AI apps), and NVIDIA Holoscan (real-time AI-enabled sensor processing and healthcare) and ProHawk is currently working to integrate it into the NVIDIA Isaac (robotics) platform. The Preferred partner status highlights ProHawk AI’s commitment to excellence in leveraging NVIDIA’s cutting-edge technologies to deliver innovative computer vision solutions to its customers across multiple industries worldwide.

“Reaching NVIDIA’s Preferred partner level follows 18 months of integration and technology validation in their labs,” said Bob Brown, Chief Executive Officer of ProHawk AI. “We’re honored to have been chosen as a computer vision Preferred Partner among their extensive Independent Software Vendor partner network. We eagerly anticipate deeper collaboration with NVIDIA to provide best-in-class, ready-to-use AI-powered computer vision solutions for our partners and customers.”

ProHawk AI is a sponsor of NVIDA GTC 2024 conference in San Jose, CA, running from March 18-21. The company will be demonstrating AI-enabled computer vision applications in booth #326 in the Metropolis Pavilion, and in the Healthcare Pavillion in several solution integration partner booths.

About ProHawk Technology Group

ProHawk AI is dedicated to saving lives by making the world a better and safer place. The company’s patented algorithms and technologies enable real-time, pixel-by-pixel video restoration overcoming all environmental obstacles, including rain, snow, sand, and pollution. ProHawk AI’s software works within less than a blink of an eye (<3 milliseconds) allowing earlier and greater object detection and confidence levels, resulting in real-time insights and decision-making across innumerable industry applications. ProHawk competes in the emerging $135B Computer Vision market with its differentiated technologies focusing on safety and security, government/law enforcement, healthcare and select other industries worldwide. More information about ProHawk AI can be found at www.prohawk.ai.

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