Blaize Releases Picasso Analytics

A new easy to use framework and toolkit to empower developers and accelerate advanced analytics for edge AI applications

El Dorado Hills, CA, March 20, 2024 — Blaize, a leading provider of full-stack artificial intelligence (AI) solutions for automotive and edge computing in multiple large and rapidly growing markets, announced today the availability of a new framework and toolkit to enable advanced analytics applications at the lowest total cost of ownership. Picasso Analytics expands the functionality of the industry-leading Blaize AI Studio no-code development platform and Picasso SDK by equipping developers with the tools required to create customized analytics pipelines rapidly and easily, with limited or no coding required, reducing complexity and accelerating time to solution.

“This new framework and toolkit from Blaize promises to simplify and accelerate our ability to develop advanced video analytics applications and services for our customers,” said Francisco Soto, Founder and CEO of VSaaS. “We are excited to continue our partnership with Blaize, addressing the unique needs of our shared customers in deployments from the edge all the way to the data center.”

“Building video analytics solutions is complex and costly. Solution providers must deal with the broad mix of hardware components and the fragmentation of software and tools. Also, each deployment requires unique configurations and specialized tailored applications,” said Dinakar Munagala, CEO and Co-founder of Blaize. “We have listened to our customers and the industry. With Picasso Analytics, we provide an easy-to-use approach to help them succeed with their applications.”

The new Picasso Analytics platform integrates with Blaize’s existing hardware and software platforms. It empowers Independent Software Vendors (ISV) and Video Management Systems (VMS) with a powerful and flexible software framework and libraries. The toolkit complements and enhances ISVs’ and VMS vendors’ existing products and solutions, enabling them to deliver additional value to their customers.

“The days of being limited by configuring a dozen fixed analytics functions are ending,” adds Val Cook, Chief Software Officer at Blaize and programming industry veteran. “Using this new toolkit, our customers will be able to build sophisticated and specialized analytics more rapidly and better tailored to their applications.”

Blaize Picasso Analytics expands the functionality of the Blaize compute platform with some unique new features:

  • A graph-based framework that enables rapid and easy development of complex and specialized video analytics applications with low latency, efficient execution, and reduced costs.
  • Full Scene Understanding enables the identification of circumstances leading up to an event by understanding relationships between participating objects.
  • Pre-integration with Blaize hardware and software edge AI compute platform to deliver substantially reduced TCO through efficient hardware, clever resource sharing in the data-flow graphs, and an asynchronous application programming model on a single device without batching.
  • A growing collection of turn-key analytics solutions ready to deploy, including a comprehensive library of reusable processing components, simplifies development and accelerates time to deployment.

Future releases of the Picasso Analytics toolkit are planned to integrate with our market-leading no-code developer tool, Blaize® AI Studio®. This will enable seamless operations with other features such as a visual application builder, marketplace, and one-click deployment.

Blaize Picasso Analytics helps optimize development efficiency and boost hardware performance, enabling meeting the most rigorous demands of AI computer vision analytics. For more information or to schedule a demo with Blaize, contact us at [email protected] or visit www.blaize.com.

About Blaize

Blaize has developed a suite of purpose-built, full-stack programmable processor architecture and a low-code/no-code software platform that enables AI processing solutions for high-performance computing in multiple large and rapidly growing markets. Our proprietary solutions enable enterprises to harness the power of AI at the periphery of the network and in the data center and deliver real-time insights and decision-making capabilities with speed and efficiency. Our efficient processor architecture addresses the inherent challenges of edge AI processing, providing high-performance computing at low power consumption, minimal latency, and high efficiency. This enables enterprises to harness the power of AI at the periphery of the network and in the data center, quickly delivering real-time insights and decision-making capabilities. The Blaize architecture includes its software suite composed of Blaize® AI Studio® and Blaize® Picasso® SDK (Software Development Kit), providing customers with a user-friendly and flexible means to develop and deploy applications at a highly optimized TCO swiftly. Our comprehensive partner ecosystem delivers turn-key solutions based on and complementing our technologies, such as cloud service providers, independent software vendors, aggregators, industrial personal computer vendors, and others. Blaize has raised $224 million from strategic investors such as DENSO, Mercedes Benz, Magna, and Samsung and financial investors such as Franklin Templeton, Temasek, GGV, and Bess Ventures. Headquartered in El Dorado Hills (CA), Blaize has more than 200 employees worldwide with teams in San Jose (CA), Cary (NC), and subsidiaries in Hyderabad (India), Leeds, and Kings Langley (UK), and Abu Dhabi (UAE). www.blaize.com

About VSaaS

VSaaS is a leading provider of video surveillance applications using Artificial Intelligence. The platform can work with AI models at the Edge, on-premise, and on the cloud; this gives the end user several benefits of managing and deploying surveillance apps using the same infrastructure. Customers with up to 800 cameras can deploy fast and easy surveillance applications for smart city, retail, construction, and transportation use cases. www.vsaas.ai

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