“What’s Next in On-device Generative AI,” a Presentation from Qualcomm

Jilei Hou, Vice President of Engineering and Head of AI Research at Qualcomm Technologies, presents the “What’s Next in On-device Generative AI” tutorial at the May 2024 Embedded Vision Summit.

The generative AI era has begun! Large multimodal models are bringing the power of language understanding to machine perception, and transformer models are expanding to allow machines to understand using multiple types of sensors. This new wave of approaches is poised to revolutionize user experiences, disrupt industries and enable powerful new capabilities. For generative AI to reach its full potential, however, we must deploy it on edge devices, providing improved latency, pervasive interaction and enhanced privacy.

In this talk, Hou shares Qualcomm’s vision of the compelling opportunities enabled by efficient generative AI at the edge. He also identifies the key challenges that the industry must overcome to realize the massive potential of these technologies. And he highlights research and product development work that Qualcomm is doing to lead the way via an end-to-end system approach—including techniques for efficient on-device execution of LLMs, LVMs and LMMs, methods for orchestration of large models at the edge and approaches for adaptation and personalization.

See here for a PDF of the slides.

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