“High Speed Vision and Its Applications,” a Presentation from Professor Masatoshi Ishikawa

Professor Masatoshi Ishikawa of Tokyo University delivers the keynote presentation, "High Speed Vision and Its Applications — Sensor Fusion, Dynamic Image Control, Vision Architecture, and Meta-Perception," at the July 2013 Embedded Vision Alliance Member Meeting.

High speed vision processing and various applications based on it are expected to become increasingly common due to continued improvement in the sensitivity and speed of CMOS image sensors. In Professor Ishikawa's talk, the processing architectures of high speed vision and the design concepts of high speed visual feedback systems based on sensor fusion are explained. In addition, new vision systems based on active optics for high speed vision are shown.

Emerging technologies in high speed vision are shown by using videos of application systems, including high speed gesture recognition, multi-target tracking for inspection, three-dimensional shape measurement, a high-speed book scanner, micro visual feedback for medical applications, and high speed intelligent robots.

For more on Professor Ishikawa's pioneering work, please see "Vision-Superior Robot Trumps Humans At Rock-Paper-Scissors, Ping Pong Balls"

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