May 2014 Embedded Vision Summit Technical Presentation: “Computer Vision Powered by Heterogeneous System Architecture (HSA),” Harris Gasparakis, AMD

Harris Gasparakis, Ph.D., OpenCV manager at AMD, presents the "Computer Vision Powered by Heterogeneous System Architecture (HSA)" tutorial at the May 2014 Embedded Vision Summit.

Gasparakis reviews the HSA vision and its current incarnation though OpenCL 2.0, and discusses its relevance and advantages for Computer Vision applications. HSA unifies CPU cores, GPU compute units, and auxiliary co-processors (such as an ISP, DSP, and Video Codecs) on the same die. It enables all IPs to have a unified and coherent view of system memory and enables concurrent processing, allowing the most suitable IP to be used for each vision pipeline task.

Gasparakis elucidates this concept with examples (such as multi-resolution optical flow and adaptive deep learning networks) and live demos. Finally, he describes the transparent integration of OpenCL in OpenCV, soon to be released in OpenCV 3.0, first conceived and evangelized in the community by Gasparakis.

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