“Designing Smarter, Safer Cars with Embedded Vision Using EV Processor Cores,” a Presentation from Synopsys

Fergus Casey, R&D Director for ARC Processors at Synopsys, presents the “Designing Smarter, Safer Cars with Embedded Vision Using Synopsys EV Processor Cores” tutorial at the May 2018 Embedded Vision Summit.

Consumers, the automotive industry and government regulators are requiring greater levels of automotive functional safety with each new generation of cars. Embedded vision, using advanced neural networks, plays a critical role in bringing these high levels of safety to market. This presentation provides an overview of the latest safety standards, e.g. ISO 26262, explains how they apply to embedded vision applications, and describes the technical features that system architects should look for when selecting an embedded vision processor for their safety-critical automotive ICs/SoCs.

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