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Gyrfalcon to Present Enhancements to Its Lightspeeur Chips Optimized for Edge AI Vision-Specific Industries

MILPITAS, Calif., Sept. 15, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Gyrfalcon Technology (GTI) today announced it is showcasing enhancements to its Lightspeeur® portfolio at the 2020 Embedded Vision Summit, the premier event for innovators adding computer vision and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to products.

As the need for AI on edge devices has been realized, GTI has been working on edge vision-specific industries for large-scale AI hardware solutions. GTI’s innovative technology is capable of handling deep-learning algorithms for image quality enhancement and computer vision analysis on the device for running critical vision applications in real-time, always-on, anywhere independent of Internet connection, with more powerful capabilities coming in the near future.

“Edge AI vision-based processing is on the rise for smart devices, such as smartphones, automotive and consumer electronics,” said Dr. Manouchehr Rafie, Vice President of Advanced Technologies at Gyrfalcon. “Having a dedicated AI co-processor on the device offers numerous benefits including enhanced vision quality, higher performance, improved privacy, reduced bandwidth and latency, less CPU computational load, efficient energy use and less BOM cost. These features are invaluable particularly for edge 5G-enabled applications, such as smart IoT and mobile endpoint devices.”

GTI optimizes the integration of AI into chip designs to deliver the best performance-energy consumption ratio while reducing production costs. Gyrfalcon technology provides processing power for AI and ML workloads for almost every application, from machine-to-machine/human visions to voice interface. The AI accelerator chips easily integrate into a variety of host processors embedded in endpoint devices such as smartphones, tablets, surveillance cameras, as well as robotic vehicles and data centers.

The Embedded Vision Summit is the only event focused exclusively on deployable computer vision and visual AI. For more information, visit GTI’s booth at www.embeddedvisionsummit.com.

About Gyrfalcon Technology, Inc. (GTI)

Gyrfalcon Technology Inc. (GTI) is the world’s leading developer of high-performance AI Accelerators that use low power, packaged in low-cost and small-sized chips. Founded by veteran Silicon Valley entrepreneurs and Artificial Intelligence scientists, GTI drives adoption of AI by bringing the power of cloud Artificial Intelligence to local devices and improves Cloud AI performance with greater performance and efficiency, providing the utmost in AI customization for new equipment and a path to AI upgrade to customers. For more information on GTI, visit us on the web, Twitter and LinkedIn.

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