SEOUL, October 20th – Chips&Media, a leading silicon HW IP provider, announced that the company has joined as an IP partner of Samsung Advanced Foundry Ecosystem (SAFETM). Chips&Media will be exhibiting at the SAFETM Forum 2020: Powering the Silicon Universe on October 28th, 2020. The SAFETM program aims to create a strong IP ECO system with partners, provide IP sign-off criteria and qualification metrics for robust and reliable IP design, and facilitate a comprehensive IP business environment for partners and customers’ mutual success.

As a trust-worthy IP partner, Chips&Media is now cooperating in SAFETM to strengthen the foundry ecosystem to meet a strong dedication to customers by participating in the IP partner program, quality control program, and IP tagging. Chips&Media is now offering the WAVE 5 series from their video codec product lines – WAVE512, WAVE515, WAVE517, WAVE521C, and WAVE537 in the program. In addition, Chips&Media introduces high-level synthesis results, such as performance, area, power consumption, and bandwidth size calculated from Samsung foundry to maximize the customers’ design convenience.

Chips&Media is having a special session with Imagination Technologies at the virtual booth on October 28 at 10 am in PT. The session will be on launching the cloud gaming server, where Chips&Media provides encoder and decoder combination. At the same time, Imagination focuses on the development of enhanced graphics. “We are excited to be an IP partner of Samsung Foundry SAFETM ecosystem,” said Jeff Oh, Chief Technology Officer at Chips&Media. “We deliver Chips&Media’s proprietary IP technologies to the SAFETM ecosystem in collaboration with Samsung Foundry to provide ease of use and for superior efficiency on design platform for their customers worldwide and expect this would open new possibilities to respond to the latest technology trends.

The SAFETM forum brings together Samsung Foundry and industry experts to share the latest innovations in process and packaging technology, IP and design solutions, and design services to efficiently develop and manufacture semiconductor products. The virtual event will be showcased in five unique regions – The US, Korea, Japan, China, and Europe. To check out more information about the special session with Imagination Technologies, please visit Chips&Media’s website to RSVP to the special session with Imagination Technologies on Oct. 28th at 10 am in PT in the C&M’s virtual booth at the SAFETM Forum.

About Chips&Media, Inc.

Chips&Media is a leader in the silicon HW IP provider specializes in video codec, image signal processing, and computer vision. Chips&Media delivers a wide range of multimedia IPs and are well-known for providing low power usage, high-performance, small-size, reliability with countless market references.

To find more information about the company, please visit the official website at https://www.chipsnmedia.com/.

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