EyeTech Digital Systems’ EyeOn is the 2021 Edge AI and Vision Product of the Year Award Winner in the Consumer Edge AI End Products category. EyeOn combines next-generation eye-tracking technology with the power of a portable, lightweight tablet, making it the fastest, most accurate device for Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC). With hands-free screen control through built-in predictive eye-tracking, EyeOn gives a voice to impaired and non-verbal patients with conditions such as cerebral palsy, autism, ALS, muscular dystrophy, stroke, traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, and Rett syndrome. EyeOn empowers users to communicate, control their environments, search the web, work, and learn independently – all hands-free, using the power of their eyes.

Development uses “eye gaze first” technology focused on how the eye functions, rather than reverse engineering touch-interface functionality. The end result is faster, more intuitive software that is extremely user friendly. The end-to-end device includes an integrated AEye chip that leverages ARM and FPGA technology, infrared lights, and an 8 MP eye-tracking camera to isolate the user’s eyes and calculate gaze faster, more reliably, and with higher precision, capturing hundreds of frames per second. EyeOn’s on-board data processing chip enables user-driven calibration, which helps the device learn how to better serve each user by using AI to modify and adjust the existing system to better fit their needs.

“The team at EyeTech is wholeheartedly committed to our mission to bring a greater quality of life and sense of inclusion to end-users of our EyeOn device. EyeOn removes some of the most challenging obstacles to independent and reliable communication for those with speech limitations. It is a truly a privilege to serve this community and a distinct honor to be recognized by the Edge AI and Vision Alliance.”
Robert Chappell, Founder and Chief Science Officer, EyeTech Digital Systems

EyeTech Digital Systems is the global leader in Health AI with its revolutionary eye tracking and tunable technology platform. The company’s exclusive design combines the flexibility of an ultra-high-speed FPGA processing with AI algorithms and advanced analytics to deliver unrivaled, eye data intelligence with HIPAA integrity. EyeTech’s FDA-registered, eye tracking platform has the ability to lock devices to your specific application, as well as provide seamless and secure access to an ecosystem of health applications and a global installed base. The company’s product suite, distributed across more than 35 countries, continues to advance the fields of neurology, ophthalmology, augmentative and alternative communication (AAC), interactive education, and medical & consumer research.

This award was presented at the 2021 Edge AI and Vision Product of the Year Awards Ceremony; the program is organized by the Edge AI and Vision Alliance. The Edge AI and Vision Product of the Year Awards celebrate the innovation and achievement of the industry’s leading companies that are enabling and developing products incorporating edge AI and computer vision technologies.

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