Basler’s lighting portfolio for vision applications has increased by a total of 200 new lighting products. This includes 7 new lighting types – such as flat dome lights, back lights, and spot lights – and 144 lights and additional matching accessories. This expanded portfolio offers an even greater variety of components to individualize customers’ vision solutions. To help customers navigate this broad range of options, Basler has unveiled a new Lighting Advisor tool. This allows users to select the correct lighting setup while saving time and cost during integration.

Ahrensburg, July 26, 2022 – Basler enhances its lighting portfolio with 200 additional lighting products to offer customers an outstanding selection for their vision applications. The complete portfolio spans 10 lighting types (including ring lights, bar lights, dome lights, and many more) plus numerous lighting accessories.

Recognizing that proper vision system lighting is crucial for every application and the inherent difficulty in finding the right setup, Basler has created the Lighting Advisor tool. This tool allows customers to choose the correct lighting to suit their individual requirements. By selecting the best illumination early in the design process, customers are prevented from over-engineering – saving valuable time and integration costs on their project.

Lighting plays a critical role in a vision system: no other component can compensate for poor lighting. It is often a complex task to find the correct lighting type, the right illumination technique, and the appropriate wavelength. However, it is crucial to select suitable lighting early in the design process to achieve the best possible results for your vision system. That is why Basler emphasizes this vision component and provides a broad selection for an optimal customer solution along the entire vision chain – from lighting to image processing.

Emi Noffz-Eguchi, Product Manager at Basler, adds: “Following Basler’s award-winning premium product line featuring SLP, we now expand our lighting portfolio with cost-effective lights to offer an optimal solution for every customer.”

Advantages of Basler Lights

Basler Lights are tested for stability and usability to meet the company’s well-known quality standards while still delivering a very competitive price/performance ratio for the global market. These lights are the perfect complement for Basler cameras and Basler Lenses, designed to achieve the best possible application results. Industry-proven LED lights are used to provide the high uniformity required for repeatable image quality in machine vision systems. They also ensure low maintenance and a long operating lifetime thanks to efficient thermal management.

Customers save time using the Basler Lighting Advisor to receive individual product recommendations. They are guided step-by-step to a choice of matching lighting components based on their requirements. Once selected, Basler Lights can be integrated quickly, reduce overall system complexity, and are developed for easy setup and smooth operation.

With its enhanced lighting portfolio, Basler continues to provide customers with all the necessary vision components from a single source – ensuring optimal vision system performance.

Detailed information about Basler’s lighting solutions is available at: www.baslerweb.com/lighting 

Basler is a leading international manufacturer of high-quality imaging components for computer vision applications. In addition to classic area scan and line scan cameras, lenses, frame grabbers, light modules, and software, the company offers embedded vision modules and solutions, 3D products, as well as customized products and consulting services. Basler’s products are used in a variety of markets and applications, including factory automation, medical, logistics, retail, and robotics. They are characterized by high reliability, an excellent price/performance ratio, and long-term availability. Founded in 1988, the Basler Group employs around 1000 people at its headquarters in Ahrensburg and other locations in Europe, Asia and North America. Thanks to its worldwide sales and service organization and cooperation with renowned partners, it offers solutions that fit for customers from a wide range of sectors.

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