“Seeing the Future: 7 Decisions to Go from Idea to Successful Scale Business,” a Presentation from Nauto

Stefan Heck, Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Nauto, presents the “Seeing the Future: 7 Decisions to Go from Idea to Successful Scale Business” tutorial at the May 2022 Embedded Vision Summit.

Computer vision (CV) is a powerful tool, especially when coupled with deep learning AI approaches. For computer vision to have an impact on the world, however, the entrepreneur needs to pick a problem that is large enough and painful enough for those facing the problem that they are willing to pay for a solution. It also should be societally important enough to justify investing scarce CV and AI talent to solve it.

Turning CV/AI into a great business does not stop there: you need to understand who the initial customers are (e.g. users, asset owners, beneficiaries which often are not the same), and how to earn the right to deploy a better solution. In many cases CV is also only part of the solution and requires process changes, human involvement or the right incentives and business model to succeed. Lastly, it’s common wisdom that CV and AI depend on data as “the new oil” but in reality, true competitive advantage comes from learning speed which is not just about data but insight.

See here for a PDF of the slides.

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