The Edge AI and Vision Alliance 2024 CES Directory for game-changing computer vision and perceptual AI technologies

Many Alliance Member companies will be showing off the latest building-block technologies that enable new capabilities for machines that see! CES is huge so we’ve created a handy checklist of these companies and where to find them including how to request suite/demo access. 

AiM Future

Booth #60638

AiM Future is available for private appointments with its leadership team to discuss its newest NeuroMosAIc Processors, delivering concurrent, multimodal on-device AI. For requests to meet at the AiM Future suite, please contact [email protected].


Booth #7067

AMD will be showcasing multi-disciplined solutions for the automotive industry, from infotainment and gaming to surround view and DMS systems, highlighting our high performance processors and adaptive SoCs for OEMs. For requests to meet at the AMD suite, please contact [email protected].

Au-Zone Technologies Inc.

Appointment Only

Au-Zone Technologies invites you to the Westgate to see our latest embedded vision and radar fusion technologies. Live demos of our new sensor platforms, Vision AI Middleware, enterprise tools and EdgeFirst Radar Fusion engine. Accelerate your spatial perception, visual positioning and autonomy journeys with these field-proven technologies. For requests to meet at the Au-Zone suite, please contact [email protected].


Appointment Only

Avnet provides engineering and supply chain expertise needed to accelerate, scale and extend the lifecycle of our customers’ designs. From providing sample parts and product shipments to solving the most complex design and supply chain challenges, we have the expertise and global capabilities to help you deliver what’s next. For requests to meet at the Avnet suite, please contact [email protected]

Axelera AI

Booth #62100

Axelera AI provides the world’s most powerful and advanced solutions for AI at the edge. Its game-changing Metis-AI platform—a holistic hardware and software solution for AI interference at the edge—enables computer vision applications to become more accessible, powerful and user friendly than ever before. For requests to meet with Axelera AI, please visit https://www.axelera.ai/ces-2024/.


Appointment Only

Brainchip is hosting a showcase at the Venetian Resort Hotel with live demonstrations of the Akida neuromorphic processor technology in action with partner platforms. Experience ultra-efficient edge AI processing of all sensor modalities—vision, sound, vibration—and explore possibilities for disruptive new solutions. For requests to meet at the Brainchip suite, please contact [email protected].


Booth #2101B

Cadence is a pivotal leader in electronic design, building upon more than 30 years of computational software expertise. The company applies its underlying Intelligent System Design strategy to deliver software, hardware and IP that turn design concepts into reality. Cadence customers are the world’s most innovative companies. For requests to meet at the Cadence suite, please contact [email protected].


Appointment Only

CEVA is the leading licensor of wireless connectivity and smart sensing technologies. We provide digital signal processors, AI engines, wireless platforms, cryptography cores and complementary embedded software for sensor fusion, image enhancement, computer vision, spatial audio, voice input and artificial intelligence. For requests to meet at the CEVA suite, please contact [email protected].

Chips&Media, Inc.

Appointment Only

Chips&Media, Inc. provides a portfolio of products, including video codec IP and neural processor IP. There will be demonstrations of video codec IP and neural processor IP on image quality enhancement, such as super-resolution and noise reduction. For requests to meet at the Chips&Media suite, please contact [email protected].


Booth #9069

DEEPX is a pioneering AI chip-maker, unlocking the possibilities of AI for everyone and everywhere.

DEEPX will showcase its four-chip product suite, DX-L1, DX-L2, DX-M1, and DX-H1, which are total solutions that cover a large portion of the edge AI market such as robotics, smart cities, surveillance, and more. For requests to meet at the DEEPX suite, please contact [email protected].

DeGirum AI

Booth #8971

DeGirum’s AI accelerator is tailored for edge applications and features hardware-agnostic software that seamlessly complements our innovative cloud platform. DeGirum Cloud Platform simplifies AI model deployment to edge devices and streamlines AI application development, also enabling cost-effective cloud inferences.


Appointment Only

D3, in collaboration with Texas Instruments, will be demonstrating two advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) applications at CES 2024. This highly interactive demonstration includes the latest in TI mmWave radar technology and features helpful parking assistance and kick-to-open use cases. For requests to meet with D3, please contact [email protected]

e-con Systems

Booth #9566

e-con Systems has been a pioneer in the embedded vision space, designing, developing and manufacturing custom and off-the-shelf camera solutions since 2003. With a team of 450+ extremely skilled core engineers, our products are currently embedded in over 350 customer products. So far, we have shipped over 2 million cameras to the USA, Europe, Japan, South Korea and many more countries. For requests to meet with e-con, please contact  [email protected].


Appointment Only

Embedl enables you to deploy deep learning on less expensive hardware, using less energy, and significantly shortens the product development cycle. With our cutting-edge Model Optimization SDK, you can optimize your deep learning model for seamless deployment (inference) that perfectly aligns with your specific requirements. For requests to meet at the Embedl suite, please contact [email protected].


Appointment Only

Expedera provides scalable neural engine semiconductor IP that enables major performance, power, and latency improvements while reducing cost and complexity in edge AI inference applications. Expedera IP is third-party-silicon validated and customer proven in over 10 million devices. For requests to meet at the Expedera suite, please contact [email protected].


Booth #18121

Hailo, an AI-focused chipmaker, is developing specialized AI processors that enable data-center-class performance on edge devices in order to perform sophisticated deep learning tasks such as object detection and segmentation in real-time, with minimal power consumption, size, and cost. For requests to meet at the Hailo suite, please contact [email protected]


Appointment Only

IDS stands for high-performance, easy-to-handle USB, GigE and 3D cameras with a great range of sensors and variants. With IDS NXT, we present an image processing platform with artificial intelligence, providing unlimited possibilities for applications of the future. For requests to meet at the IDS suite, please contact [email protected].


Appointment Only

Immervision will showcase the advantages of a complete drone vision solution at CES 2024. To request a meeting, please email [email protected].


Booth #2205

Microchip Technology is a leading provider of smart, connected and secure embedded control solutions. Our focus at CES this year will be enabling the future of mobility. For requests to meet, please visit www.microchip.com/ces.


Westgate Hospitality Suites

Nextchip is a technology company providing embedded vision systems for automotive. Based on 26 years’ of experience with image processing (ISP) and ASIC design, Nextchip is a major player for viewing and sensing ADAS cameras. Starting from local customers in South Korea, Nextchip has achieved mass production records globally. For requests to meet at the Nextchip suite, please contact [email protected].   


Appointment Only

Since its founding in 1993, NVIDIA has been a pioneer in accelerated computing. The company’s invention of the GPU in 1999 sparked the growth of the PC gaming market, redefined computer graphics, and ignited the era of modern AI. Today, NVIDIA is a full-stack computing company with data center-scale offerings that are reshaping every industry—from gaming to robotics, self-driving cars to life-saving healthcare, climate change to virtual worlds where we can all connect and create.

NXP Semiconductors

Appointment Only

Come join NXP as we bring together bright minds to create breakthrough technologies to make the connected world better, safer, and more secure. See how NXP tech is shaping electric software-defined vehicles, making factories and homes safer and more energy-efficient and much more!


Booth #61041

Opteran takes the only true example of autonomy, brains, developed over eons of evolution, and reverse-engineers their algorithms onto low-cost hardware. Unlike AI and SLAM, Opteran’s ‘Natural Intelligence’ uses computational neuroscience to provide a practical solution for machine autonomy. For requests to meet at the Opteran suite, please contact [email protected].


Booth #4025 (Business France)

Outsight’s software solutions track the motion of people and vehicles using 3D LiDAR data. Operators of transportation hubs like airports but also sport venues, road infrastructures and industrial sites can now access accurate and anonymous spatial intelligence, to improve operations and increase user safety and satisfaction. For requests to meet with Outsight, please contact [email protected].


Appointment Only

Plumerai provides tiny and accurate AI solutions for smart home cameras and IoT devices. Our people detection and familiar face identification solutions are trained with over 30 million images and videos and are widely deployed in production, running on CPUs, MCUs, and NPUs. We have offices in London and Amsterdam. For requests to meet with Plumerai, please contact [email protected].


Appointment Only

Quadric is the leading licensor of general-purpose neural processor IP (GPNPU) that runs both machine-learning inference workloads and classic DSP and control algorithms. Quadric’s Chimera GPNPU architecture is optimized for on-device ML inference and runs any and all neural networks: classic backbones, vision transformers, large language models, and more. For requests to meet with Quadric, please contact [email protected].


Appointment Only

Founded in 2014, STRADVISION pioneers AI vision tech for ADAS, making autonomous features more affordable. SVNet partners with OEMs, empowers global ADAS and autonomous vehicles, and has 300+ employees worldwide. Compliant with TISAX AL3, ISO 9001:2015, and ISO 26262. For requests to meet at the STRADVISION suite, please contact [email protected].


Appointment Only

Synopsys is at the forefront of Smart Everything with the world’s most advanced technologies for chip design, verification, IP integration, and software security and quality testing. We help our customers innovate from silicon to software so they can bring amazing new products to life. 

Texas Instruments

Booth #N116

Texas Instruments is a global semiconductor company that designs, manufactures, tests and sells analog and embedded processing chips. Our products help our customers efficiently manage power, accurately sense and transmit data and provide the core control or processing in their designs.

Useful Sensors


Useful Sensors makes interfacing with machines, everyday appliances, and electronic devices as easy as communicating with another human. 


Bassano Booth #2701 and #2702

VeriSilicon offers custom silicon services and semiconductor IP licensing via its “Silicon Platform as a Service” model. Our comprehensive IP portfolio creates high-performance, cost-efficient semiconductor solutions for various industries. Founded in 2001, VSI has a global presence with over 1,400 employees. For requests to meet with VeriSilicon, please visit https://ces2024.verisilicon.com/.


Appointment Only

Listed as one of the 100 Most Promising AI Startups of 2023, Visionary.ai empowers cameras to capture video in extreme low light and HDR environments. Using edge AI, their software-based image processing drastically improves video quality in real-time. Applications include mobile, PC, smart doorbells, drones, robotics, and IoT. For requests to meet at the Visionary.ai suite, please contact [email protected]


Booth #W6240 and Madison Meeting Center

Xperi invents, develops, and delivers technologies that enable extraordinary experiences. Xperi technologies, delivered via its brands (DTS, HD Radio, TiVo), have been integrated into billions of consumer devices and media platforms worldwide, powering smart devices, connected cars and entertainment experiences. For requests to meet at the Xperi suite, please contact [email protected].

See you at CES!

Specific venue information can be found on the CES directory here.

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