Now available for on-demand viewing is Texas Instruments’ recent webinar with Amazon Web Services, “Quickly Build Scalable AIoT Applications with TI Processors and AWS.” From the event page:

In this episode of Process This, we are joined by Ashok Bhaskar of Amazon Web Services to talk about how to easily bring vision-based AI and IoT together—using AWS cloud services and TI embedded processors—to build and maintain scalable AIoT applications for robotics, machine vision, video telematics and more.

Topics include:

  • How to quickly train models with Amazon SageMaker Studio
  • How to build an embedded application using AWS IoT Greengrass
  • How to easily deploy models and applications to a low-cost TI development kit
  • How to send inference results from TI’s development kit to the cloud
  • How to process inference results in the cloud

For more information and to view the on-demand archive recording, visit the event page.

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