Big Trends in Computer Vision: Health and Safety, Retail and Consumer ElectronicsWoodside Capital Partners
Over the last few years computer vision technology has penetrated dozens of markets. The value of the computer vision market when this presentation was delivered at the 2022 Embedded Vision Summit was predicted to hit $48B by the end of that year, and companies in this sector are likely to see continued growth in both investment and M&A activity. This talk from Rudy Burger, Managing Partner at Woodside Capital Partners, examines the trends and growth drivers behind computer vision in three markets: health and safety, retail and consumer electronics. Burger includes examples of investments and M&A transactions underpinning these trends.

Intelligent Vision for the Industrial, Automotive and IoT EdgeNXP Semiconductors
Today’s edge-based ML solutions need a powerful multicore processor packed with features and capabilities to handle neural network, vision, voice and multimedia processing–all in a single system-on-chip (SoC) device. Enter the i.MX 8M Plus applications processor! NXP packed the i.MX 8M Plus applications processor with the right mix of heterogeneous cores, subsystems and interfaces that developers need, including a dedicated neural processing unit (NPU) to accelerate ML inferencing for industrial and IoT markets. In this 2022 Embedded Vision Summit talk, Ali Osman Örs, Director of AI ML Strategy and Technologies for Edge Processing at NXP Semiconductors, introduces the key features and capabilities of this powerful SoC. He also shows how you can quickly deploy a classification and detection model onto the i.MX 8M Plus using the eIQ ML development environment.


The Automotive Driver Monitoring Market: What’s Happening? Why? What’s the Opportunity?Strategy Analytics
This presentation from the 2022 Embedded Vision Summit provides a detailed analysis and forecast of the driver monitoring systems (DMS) market. Ian Riches, then the VP of Global Automotive Practice at Strategy Analytics, highlights the driving forces behind the expected rapid adoption of DMS in light-duty vehicles and assesses which sensor types are most likely to be used and why. More importantly, the talk unpacks the likely evolutions in DMS design, gives Riches’ opinion on where the true system value will reside, and explains how the market opportunities in DMS differ for suppliers of processors, sensors and algorithms.

Seeing the Future: 7 Decisions to Go from Idea to Successful Scale BusinessNauto
Computer vision (CV) is a powerful tool, says Stefan Heck, Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Nauto, in this 2022 Embedded Vision Summit talk, especially when coupled with deep learning AI approaches. For CV to have an impact on the world, however, the entrepreneur needs to pick a problem that is large enough and painful enough for those facing the problem that they are willing to pay for a solution. It also should be societally important enough to justify investing scarce CV and AI talent to solve it. Turning CV/AI into a great business does not stop there: you need to understand who the initial customers are (e.g. users, asset owners, beneficiaries which often are not the same), and how to earn the right to deploy a better solution. In many cases CV is also only part of the solution and requires process changes, human involvement or the right incentives and business model to succeed. Lastly, it’s common wisdom that CV and AI depend on data as “the new oil” but in reality, true competitive advantage comes from learning speed—which is not just about data, but insight.


Embedded Vision Summit: May 7-9, 2024, Santa Clara, California

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Synopsys ARC NPX6 NPU IP (Best Edge AI Processor)Synopsys
Synopsys’ ARC NPX6 NPU IP is the 2023 Edge AI and Vision Product of the Year Award winner in the Edge AI Processors category. The ARC NPX6 NPU IP is an AI inference engine optimized for the latest neural network models – including newly emerging transformers – which can scale from 8 to 3,500 TOPS to meet the demands of AI applications requiring real-time compute with ultra-low power consumption for consumer and safety-critical automotive applications. Key innovations of the NPX6 NPU IP start with a highly optimized 4K MAC building block with enhanced utilization, new sparsity features and hardware support for transformer networks. The (optional) integrated floating-point data types (FP16/BF16) are embedded in the existing 8-bit data paths to minimize area increase and maximize software flexibility. Scaling is accomplished with an innovative interconnect supporting scales of up to 24 4K MAC cores for 96K MAC (440 TOPS with sparsity) single engine performance. Up to eight engines can be combined to achieve up to 3,500 TOPS performance on a single SoC. The NXP6 also expands on the ISO 26262 functional safety features of its predecessor, the EV7x vision processor. Both the NPU IP and the new ARC MetaWare MX Development Toolkit integrate connectivity features that enable implementation of multiple NPU instances to achieve up to 3,500 TOPS performance on a single SoC.

Please see here for more information on Synopsys’ ARC NPX6 NPU IP. The Edge AI and Vision Product of the Year Awards celebrate the innovation of the industry’s leading companies that are developing and enabling the next generation of edge AI and computer vision products. Winning a Product of the Year award recognizes a company’s leadership in edge AI and computer vision as evaluated by independent industry experts.


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