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Face Recognition Functions

Facial Recognition: A Mobile Application Yearning For Stereo Vision?

As I previously mentioned in mid-October, the latest-generation Android 4 "Ice Cream Sandwich" operating system from Google touts (among other things) built-in support for facial recognition as a system unlock option. And as I mentioned a few days later, it…umm…doesn't yet work terribly well. Not only is its operation inherently erratic, especially in low-light settings,

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Microsoft’s Kinect: Startup Investments And PC Enhancements

After having recently shown us some visionary beyond-game-console applications for the Kinect gesture interface peripheral, Microsoft appears to be ready to "put its money where its mouth is." As first (at least in my RSS feed suite) reported by VentureBeat, the company has partnered with an investment firm called TechStars (which, per its website, "provides

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Microsoft Kinectimals: Gesture-Based Interfaces Come To Smartphones

One notable optics omission from Nokia's first two Windows Phone O/S-based handsets, a writeup on which I just published, is that they don't include the front-facing cameras which Windows Phone v7.5 supports for the first time, and which other OEMs are including in their new "Mango"-based handsets. The omission is especially surprising given that Nokia's

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Info On Android v4: Google Gives Us More

Per last Wednesday's writeup on Google's unveiling of "Ice Cream Sandwich" Android 4, which embeds both facial detection and recognition facilities, I've subsequently come across some additional details which I thought would be of interest to you: AnandTech published a solid summary of the new O/S release, which it based in part on the 4.0

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Embedded Vision And Android 4: More Features Galore

After delaying the introduction of "Ice Cream Sandwich" one week out of respect for Steve Jobs' passing, as well as relocating the event from San Diego to Hong Kong, Google unveiled Android 4.0 last night in conjunction with showcasing its premier hardware implementation, the Samsung-designed Galaxy Nexus. Ironically, considering that just a week ago I

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Embedded Vision: Primed To Take A Bite Out Of Crime

As I've mentioned with past regularity, video surveillance and analytics technology is increasingly being used by law enforcement agencies worldwide to assist in the identification and prosecution of wrongdoers; via facial recognition, for example, or emotion discernment, or database searches for clothing matches, or license plate optical character recognition. And other, not-yet-discussed implementations of the

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User Identification And Response: Early Indications Of A Renaissance

Speaking of Kinect…considering the prevalence of cameras now built into smartphones, tablets, and the bezels of laptops, all-in-one desktops and standalone computer displays, I've long waited for software developers to harness the hardware potential in identifying and reacting to who's currently in front of the image sensor. For example, wouldn't it be cool if my

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Microsoft’s Kinect Gets Better: Forza Motorsport 4 Is A Go-Getter

While Kinect is an impressive embedded vision hardware achievement, both in an absolute sense and particularly when considering its price tag, the software that harnesses its potential has to date been (at least in this observer's mind) a bit underwhelming. Granted, titles such as Kinect Sports are a lot of fun. But they're…gimmicky. And they're

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Citizen Surveillance: A Topic Fraught With Contentiousness

Last weekend, I spent a few hours catching up on some recent-past television recordings. As usual, I was multitasking, but I put the magazines and laptop aside when one particular segment from the September 25th edition of 60 Minutes appeared on-screen. Entitled "The Counter-Terrorism Bureau", here's how the show's website describes it: Scott Pelley brings

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Emotions In Motion: Sentiment Discernment Comes to Embedded Vision

I suspect that at least some of you are also subscribers to BDTI's InsideDSP monthly email newsletter and, as such, may have already seen the editorial in yesterday's edition from company president (and Embedded Vision Alliance founder) Jeff Bier. The title, 'I Know How You Feel,' is a clever teaser to the subject matter inside;

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