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Embedded Vision on Mobile Devices: Opportunities and Challenges

by Tom Wilson CogniVue Brian Dipert Embedded Vision Alliance This article was originally published at Electronic Engineering Journal. It is reprinted here with the permission of TechFocus Media. Courtesy of service provider subsidies coupled with high shipment volumes, relatively inexpensive smartphones and tablets supply formidable processing capabilities: multi-core GHz-plus CPUs and graphics processors, on-chip DSPs

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Microsoft Kinect For Windows 2.0: Developer Registration Is A “Go”

For those of you who haven't already heard, Microsoft unveiled its next-generation Xbox One game console in late May, containing a bundled next-generation "Kinect 2.0" peripheral. Whereas the first-generation Kinect employs a structured light approach to 3-D sensing, "Kinect 2.0" leverages a time-of-flight technique courtesy of Microsoft's 2010 acquisition of Canesta. The included image sensor

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“Machine Learning,” a Presentation from UT Austin

Professor Kristen Grauman of the University of Texas at Austin presents the keynote on machine learning at the December 2012 Embedded Vision Alliance Member Summit. Grauman is a rising star in computer vision research. Among other distinctions, she was recently recognized with a Regents' Outstanding Teaching Award and, along with Devi Parikh, received the prestigious

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December 2012 Embedded Vision Alliance Member Summit Technology Trends Presentation

Embedded Vision Alliance Editor-in-Chief (and BDTI Senior Analyst) Brian Dipert and BDTI Senior Software Engineer Eric Gregori co-deliver an embedded vision application technology trends presentation at the December 2012 Embedded Vision Alliance Member Summit. Brian and Eric discuss embedded vision opportunities in mobile electronics devices. They quantify the market sizes and trends for smartphones and

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ID’ing The Intoxicated: Embedded Vision Picks Out The Inebriated

Speaking of infrared imaging…researchers Georgia Koukiou and Vassilis Anastassopoulos of the University of Patras in Greece recently published (in the International Journal of Electronic Security and Digital Forensics) the results of a study of 20 volunteers to test sobriety (or not) by means of computer algorithms. By doing infrared scans of the volunteers' faces both

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Kinect For Windows Advancements: 3-D Modeling And JavaScript Projects

As I've discussed in a number of past news writeups, Microsoft has now broadened its vision for the Kinect 3-D camera (and microphone array) system beyond its Xbox 360 game console origins to also encompass computer interfaces, thereby formalizing a relationship that existed from Kinect's earliest days courtesy of the hacker community. PC-optimized hardware began

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September 2012 Embedded Vision Summit Presentation: “Introduction to Embedded Vision,” Jeff Bier, Embedded Vision Alliance

Jeff Bier, Founder of the Embedded Vision Alliance and co-founder and president of BDTI, presents the day-opening "Introduction to Embedded Vision" tutorial at the September 2012 Embedded Vision Summit. Topics discussed by Bier in his presentation include a technology overview, application examples, hardware, software and development tool trends, and an overview of the Embedded Vision

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Samsung And Google’s Galaxy Nexus: A Facial Recognition Work In Progress

I've discussed several times, in past news writeups, the facial recognition-based unlock capabilities built into Google's Android 4.0 "Ice Cream Sandwich". Reading others' reviews gives only a secondhand perspective on a technology or product; a personal hands-on analysis is the preferable approach. So it was that I recently was able to borrow a Google-branded, Samsung-developed

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Face.com’s Acquisition: Good For Facebook, Not So Much For Broader Facial Recognition Industry Ambitions

Back in mid-April, I devoted a news writeup to the latest developments at facial recognition algorithm developer Face.com, focusing in particular on the API that the company provided for third-party developer leverage, often free of charge. Those bountiful-technology days, unfortunately, have come and gone. A month ago, Facebook decided to acquire Face.com for an unannounced

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The Next-Generation Microsoft Kinect: Inching Ever Closer To Perfect?

Last November, rumors began circulating in cyberspace regarding the next-generation Microsoft Kinect peripheral…that it would be, for example, accurate enough to read the lips of people sitting in front of it, along with delivering improved motion tracking and voice recognition (the latter by virtue of the camera peripheral's integrated microphone array), and being "able to

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