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Face Recognition Functions

March 2012 Embedded Vision Alliance Summit Panel Discussion

Jeff Bier, Founder of the Embedded Vision Alliance and co-founder and president of BDTI, moderates the panel discussion "Beyond Kinect; From Research to Revenue," at the March 2012 Embedded Vision Summit. Also participating are Jim Donlon (Project Manager, DARPA), Bruce Kleinman (Corporate Vice President, Platform Marketing, Xilinx), Bruce Flinchbaugh (Fellow and Manager of Vision R&D,

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Samsung’s Message To The Worried: Don’t Be So Paranoid

Remember my writeup of a few weeks ago, wherein I noted that the Terms of Service in Samsung's new TVs (containing image sensors, microphones, and networking transceivers) included a clause allowing third-party apps to make use of the monitoring system, and use the data gathered for their own purposes? Well, thanks to another Slashdot post,

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Unwanted Surveillance: An Inevitable Outcome of Consumer Non-Cognizance?

Remember the Samsung image sensor-inclusive televisions that I first mentioned in early January, with a follow-up blurb last Friday? Well, thanks to a Slashdot heads-up earlier today, I've got even more to say…and it's disturbing, to say the least. The title, "New Samsung TV Watches You Watching It," may be a sufficient topic tip-off, but

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Making Things See: Two Author Interviews For Free

Back at the end of January, I told you about Making Things See: 3D Vision With Kinect, Processing, Arduino, and MakerBot, a new book published by O'Reilly. My review copy arrived about a week ago, but I admittedly haven't found sufficient spare cycles to crack it open yet, far from give it a proper perusal

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Gender-Triggered Advertising: Embedded Vision-Based Chastising

Back in early January, I told you about a vending machine that refused to dispense pudding samples if it discerned that a child was standing in front of it. Now, courtesy of TechCrunch, comes word of a digital billboard that via "facial recognition software with an HD camera" will only display a promotional clip if

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Analyzing Twins: A Challenging Data Set For Facial Recognition Algorithms

Back in mid-August, I mentioned the Twin Days Festival held each year in Twinburg, Ohio, and (perhaps not surprising to you at this point) attended by identical twins around the world. Researchers from the University of Notre Dame also regularly attend the Twin Days Festival, capturing images of those identical twins and using those photographs

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Making Things See: New from O’Reilly

One of the to-date reliable observations which guides my professional life is that a technology has "made it" when O'Reilly Media decides to cover it. Not that any of us in the embedded vision industry had any doubts until now, mind you, but it's time to extend congratulations to the concept of hacking the Microsoft

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Kinect Built Into the PC: Prototypes Suggest Inevitability

Two days from now, the PC-tailored and "close view"-supportive variant of Microsoft's Kinect will reportedly be available for sale. I've suspected ever since hearing the initial news of Microsoft's PC aspirations that the company's plans included not only a USB-tethered peripheral for existing systems but also a bezel-embedded Kinect version licensed to computer OEMs for

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Camera Cognition: Finally, True Facial Recognition

Every time I discuss the topics of "facial recognition" and "digital cameras" in the same breath, Jeff Bier validly corrects me. That's because while cameras nowadays commonly do facial detection, i.e. identifying people in a scene and adjusting exposure, focus and other settings to optimize their digital image reproduction, they don't identify specific individuals… …until

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A Living Room (Embedded) Vision: Samsung Brings Image Sensors To The Television

The persistent rumors of an impending Apple-branded television (likely integrating, among other things, the functionality of today's standalone Apple TV STB) seemingly has other consumer electronics manufacturers motivated to get out in front of the folks at One Infinite Loop, judging from the news coming out of Las Vegas. Although Logitech's Google TV experiment wasn't

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Apple’s iOS: Embedded Vision Developments

Back in late October, I mentioned a number of filed-and-granted Apple patents related to embedded vision. Following in the footsteps of Google and Nokia            , the company has registered patent protection for a facial recognition-based system login scheme (at least according to 9to5Mac, Cult of Mac, Engadget, MacRumors, The Unofficial Apple Weblog, and VentureBeat). Next

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No Pudding For You! To Kids, Intel And Kraft May Be Cruel*

Facial recognition technology may not yet be able to swiftly (or for that matter, reliably regardless of speed) identify a particular person, but it's already able to do a credible job with lesser-complexity tasks, such as discerning an individual's gender, ethnicity or general age group. To the latter point, the above-pictured vending machine was co-developed

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