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Oculi’s IntelliPixel Technology Enables Real-time Gesture Control for Interactive Displays and XR

This video was originally published at Oculi’s YouTube channel. It is reprinted here with the permission of Oculi. Users have been longing to experience the new touchless interactive technology on their devices. Whether it’s hand tracking, hand posture, face detection or gaze detection, they all require real-time performance while operating with limited resources. OCULI SPU™

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Use Nx Meta to Build Enterprise, AI-Enabled Video Solutions at the Edge

This blog post was originally published at Network Optix’ website. It is reprinted here with the permission of Network Optix. In this article we’re going to take a look at Edge computing and how Nx Meta can help your organization rapidly develop full-stack AI-enabled video management applications. First: The Opportunity One of the largest emerging

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Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University Integrates 8tree’s dentCHECK Into Its Aviation Maintenance Science Curriculum

World-renowned aviation school is using dentCHECK at its Daytona Beach, Florida campus to improve student skills and employability. CONSTANCE, Germany & RANCHO CUCAMONGA, Calif. (PRWEB) – March 09, 2022 – Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, the world’s premier accredited university specializing in aviation and aerospace, has begun integrating dentCHECK into its Aviation Maintenance Science (AMS) curriculum. Embry-Riddle’s

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3D Sensing and AI Processing for Smart Buildings

This blog post was originally published at Ambarella’s website. It is reprinted here with the permission of Ambarella. A partnership between Ambarella, Lumentum, and ON Semiconductor has resulted in a new series of hardware reference designs for biometric access control, 3D electronic locks, occupancy sensing and more. Building on our 2020 presentation on next-generation access

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ML at the Edge: Visual Intelligence with a Low-cost MCU

This blog post was originally published at Au-Zone Technologies’ website. It is reprinted here with the permission of Au-Zone Technologies. Creating a dataset can be one of the most challenging aspects of creating a reliable model to work with. At Au-Zone we created a playing card dataset to show off the capabilities of our in-house

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KF Aerospace Adopts dentCHECK for Its Commercial MRO Operations

CONSTANCE, Germany and RANCHO CUCAMONGA, Calif. – PRWEB – February 01, 2022 – KF Aerospace, a leading Canadian approved maintenance organization (AMO) has begun using 8tree’s dentCHECK to enhance the efficiency and quality of its dent-mapping activities. “KF performs hundreds of structural repairs annually on a wide variety of commercial aircraft” says Gregg Evjen, Chief Operating

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Oculi Enables Near-zero Lag Performance with an Embedded Solution for Gesture Control

Immersive extended reality (XR) experiences let users seamlessly interact with virtual environments. These experiences require real-time gesture control and eye tracking while running in resource-constrained environments such as on head-mounted displays (HMDs) and smart glasses. These capabilities are typically implemented using computer vision technology, with imaging sensors that generate lots of data to be moved

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Instant Models: Detecting Anomalies in Magnetic Tiles

In this video, Robert Lundberg, CTO and Co-founder of PerceptiLabs, builds a +80% accuracy model that detects anomalies in magnetic tiles in under 5 minutes! Try out PerceptiLabs (free for developers!): https://www.perceptilabs.com Dataset used in the video: https://www.kaggle.com/alex000kim/magnetic-tile-surface-defects/version/1 Read our blog: https://blog.perceptilabs.com Leave your questions and feedback: https://forum.perceptilabs.com Join our friendly community: https://perceptilabs-com.slack.com/join/shared_invite/zt-mxohtpkm-lQI_0nT~tBeUd2RtZIfe4g#/shared-invite/email

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